2024 Vocational College Skills Competition Secondary Vocational Group for “Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology Application” Competition in Gansu Provincial

DLDS-277 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology Application Platform

The platform uses FANUC robot FANUC LR-Mate200iD industrial robot and SIEMENS S7-1200PLC as the main body, equipped with two sets of Hikvision industrial vision systems (2D), touch screen, RFID reading and writing module, basic operation assessment module, and special-shaped parts sorting It is composed of assembly task unit, reducer force control assembly task unit, intelligent transfer and sorting task unit, etc.
The platform can carry out skills training and assessment close to industrial field applications such as coordinate calibration of industrial robots, trajectory programming and operation, assembly, handling, palletizing, packaging, sorting, screw locking, grinding and polishing, gluing, industrial vision inspection, etc. It can also be used Conduct assessments on digital technologies such as robot offline programming and simulation.

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