2023 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition-Computer and Peripheral Equipment Assembly and Debugger Competition Finals

The 2023 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition -The 2nd National Industrial Economic Application Innovation Vocational Skills Competition- Computer and Peripheral Equipment Assembly Debugger (Industrial Internet Collaborative Manufacturing Direction) finals were held at Jiangxi Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College. Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd  is awarded “Outstanding Contribution Award” of the competition as sponsor..

DLIM-4212 Industry 4.0 Technology Application System

“Industry 4.0” (“The Fourth Industrial Revolution”), also known as “smart production”, is an interpretation of the fusion of information and physics, which completes the whole process of perception, communication, execution, and decision-making, including resources There are five categories of elements, interconnection, system integration, information fusion and emerging business formats, and guide enterprises to use digital, networked, and intelligent technologies to develop towards model innovation. Through the introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) to collect, share and use production data information in different ways, to achieve the diversification and personalization of products and services, shorten the response time of the production process, reduce production time and reduce costs, so as to continuously improve industrial productivity.

The system closely focuses on the latest technological development trend of “Industry 4.0”, and integrates “Internet +”, “smart sensors”, “PLC control technology”, “intelligent electromechanical equipment”, “digital twin simulation”, “logistics technology”, “IT Advanced technologies such as technology and safety” can enable students to learn and master the latest knowledge and skills of Industry 4.0.

DLIM-4212 Industry 4.0 technology application system includes bottom box feeding station, bookmark feeding station, box cover assembly station, and storage station. The software platform is composed of MES manufacturing execution system and digital twin system. The system can complete the personalized customization of bookmarks, learn and master the professional skills of Industry 4.0.

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