Dolang is the technical and equipment sponsor for the 2024 BRICS Vocational Skills Competition – Digital Industry (Industrial Digital Twin)

The 2024 BRICS Vocational Skills Competition will have a Russian main competition area and a Chinese sub-competition area. Dolang is the technical support unit for the digital industry (industrial digital twin) competition in the Russian main competition area. The competition is about to be held, and colleges and universities across the country are welcome to actively sign up for the competition!

Dolang will live up to expectations and continue to leverage its equipment and technical advantages to help the competition be successfully held. It will strive to promote the cultivation of international skilled talents and help achieve the strategic goal of building a strong country through skilled personnel.

Registration conditions for contestants: There is no competition group. Vocational colleges (including higher vocational colleges, technical colleges) and undergraduate teachers and students, employees of enterprises and institutions aged 16 (born before January 1, 2008) to 35 (born after January 1, 1989) can register as contestants. Note: At the request of the organizers of the Russian competition, contestants going abroad must be at least 18 years old.

DLIR-275 industrial digital twin technology application platform

The DLIR-275 industrial digital twin application platform simulates a highly automated smart factory. It includes Industry 4.0 technology. Its intelligent production line includes production processes such as feeding, filling, sealing and warehousing. It is also equipped with a digital twin simulation workstation. Perform virtual debugging on subsequent production lines.

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