The 2023 National Light Industry Vocational Skills Competition-National Simulation Vocational Skills Competition Finals begins!

The 2023 National Vocational Skills Competition in the Light Industry – the National Simulation Vocational Skills Competition Finals kicked off at Shandong Light Industry Vocational College in Zibo City On January 19th.

With the theme of “New Era, New Skills, New Dreams”, this competition is hosted by China Light Industry Federation and China Industrial Cooperation Association. It has two competition categories: digital twin application technician and virtual reality engineering technician, both of which have employee groups and student group. More than a hundred contestants from all provinces and cities across the country participated in this competition

DLDS-532 Industrial Network Intelligent Control and Maintenance System


8Applicable majorUndergraduate

080202 Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation; 080213T Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering; 080301 Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments; 080601 Electrical Engineering and Automation; 080604T Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Control; 080801 Automation; 080806T Intelligent Equipment and Systems.


Mechanical design and manufacturing; 460101 Mechanical design and manufacturing; 460102 Digital design and manufacturing technology; 460104 Mechanical manufacturing and automation; Electromechanical equipment.

460201 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology; 460202 Electromechanical Equipment Technology; 460301 Mechatronics Technology; 460302 Intelligent Electromechanical Technology; 460303 Intelligent Control Technology.

460306 Electrical Automation Technology; 460309 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology; 460310 Industrial Internet Application.

9Main techniqueSensor and detection technology, electrical and electronic technology, electrical control technology, electrical and PLC control technology, programmable controller application technology, motion control technology, configuration technology, digital signal processing technology, analog signal processing technology, servo control technology, step Advanced control technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, installation and debugging technology of automated production, industrial network and field bus technology, computer network technology, computer control technology, computer application technology, electromechanical equipment adjustment and control technology, electromechanical transmission technology, network security technology , Industrial software technology .
1 0Main configuration1. The main station PLC adopts CPU S7-1500;

2. Siemens devices: S7-1200PLC, touch screen KTP700, servo V90;

3. Industrial-grade firewall, ring network three-layer management switch;

4. MES system, Dolang creation cloud platform system;

5. Digital twin simulation software (NX MCD).

All software involved in this equipment are educational edition

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