Walk Into Dolang

Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of professional vocational education and teaching equipment manufacturers in China

Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dolang”) was founded in 1998. It is a professional manufacturer that specializes in research and development, production, sales and systematic overall solutions for vocational education and teaching equipment and software products. Research integrated national high-tech enterprise, dual-soft enterprise.

Dolang covering an area of more than 80,000 square meters, a production center of 60,000 square meters, a technical center of 30,000 square meters, and an office area of 20,000 square meters. There are more than 300 employees and over 80 research engineers.

Dolang has strong product development and manufacturing capabilities, and actively implements equipment modernization, management informationization, and quality assurance systemization, and has established a leading domestic and foreign production, quality assurance, and standard system.

Dolang Certificates

Dolang actively implements the construction of a quality assurance system and has established a reliable quality assurance system and standard system: successively introduced German industrial DIN standards, IEC international electrical standards, SGS global quality and integrity standards, and passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 international trinity System certification and EU CE certification have injected world-advanced manufacturing genes into Dolang products, and have grown into the Mainstay of Chinese-made brands.

Dolang Honor

Dolang is a state-level high-tech enterprise, double-soft enterprise, and an integrated production and education enterprise. Dolang is official sponsor for various events such as the Worldskills China Trials, Belt and Road International Skills Competition, National Industrial Robot Skills Competition, National Smart Manufacturing Skills Competition, and National Internet Technology Skills Competition.

Join Hands With Dolang

Since its establishment in 1998 in cooperation with German experts, Dolang has adhered to the international development strategy of “Industry + Education” dual-wheel drive, focusing on technology R&D and equipment production in the fields of industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, and artificial intelligence. China-Thailand, China-Korea cooperation in running schools. Dolang serves 70 countries and regions around the world, and has close cooperation with Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries & regions in ASEAN.

Dolang Charity

Carry out the theme of “helping the poor and helping the poor, donating to support education”

Encourage party members, party activists, and young league members to actively participate in voluntary services, give full play to the exemplary leading role of party members and cadres in volunteer service teams, attract and drive more outstanding volunteers to move closer to party organizations, and become the backbone of fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.

Encourage party members, party activists, and youth members to actively participate in voluntary services

Dolang Warm

Love, holding hands with you, me, and him, feeling a better life!

Dolang Recruitment

The perfect training system, rich internal sharing

From newcomer training to professional skills improvement courses, the perfect training system and rich internal sharing allow you to keep learning and tap your unlimited potential.

Sales Engineer

1. Responsible for the development of the regional market and the follow-up of the project;
2. Responsible for project bidding, acceptance and payment collection; ……

Electrical R&D Engineer

1. Engaged in electrician and electrical positions, with electrical work experience;
2. Understand electrical principles and understand electrical drawings……

Mechanical Engineers

Participate in the design of electromechanical and robotic equipment projects, drawing drawings, list details, list compilation, process document compilation, 3D graphic design, and instruction manual compilation……

Industry Robot Engineer

1. Able to program and debug industrial robots independently
2. Familiar with Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC……

Electronic R&D Engineer

1. You can use PCB drawing software to independently draw schematic diagrams and PCB diagrams, and write debugging programs
2. Be able to select electrical components and use CAD software to draw electrical drawings…..

Dolang Culture