Big PK between 59 teams from 5 countries! The 2023 BRICS Vocational Skills Competition Industry 4.0 International Finals opens at Henan Open University

Display skills and “show” power!
On November 10, the Finals 2023 BRICS International Vocational Skills Competition-Industry 4.0  opened at Henan Open University. Focusing on the Industry 4.0 competition, 59 teams from 5 countries will launch the ultimate “PK”, and the event will end on November 12.
The BRICS Vocational Skills Competition focuses on key areas such as high-end manufacturing, digital economy, new industries, new business formats, and new technologies, and aims to enhance the abilities of teachers and students in vocational colleges in the five BRICS countries in innovation, coordination, organization, and cooperation. Enrich the content of exchanges and cooperation between vocational schools and enterprises in the five countries, and cultivate international high-quality technical skills and people-to-people exchange talents in the BRICS countries.
The event is hosted by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training, the BRICS Business Council, and the Gauteng Provincial Government of South Africa; hosted by the BRICS Business Council Skills Development Working Group and the Media and Information Communications Technology Agency of the South African Ministry of Higher Education and Training; organized by the Chinese side The executive units are the BRICS Business Council (Chinese) Skills Development Working Group, the Belt and Road and BRICS Skills Development International Alliance, and the Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education.
Today, the competition has been held for two consecutive years, establishing a talent selection channel for BRICS countries, improving talent training capabilities, and building an important bridge to deepen innovative cooperation between schools, enterprises, industries, and research institutions.
The 2023 BRIC Professional Championship includes the main competition area of South Africa and sub-divisions of Russia and China, with a total of 42 competition events. The Chinese sub-division has 29 international competition events. Among them, the International Finals of the Industry 4.0 competition is hosted by Henan Open University. This is also the only international finals of the BRICS Vocational Skills Competition organized and hosted by Henan Province this year.
The technical team and skills equipment DLIM-4212 is sponsored by Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment CO.,Ltd.
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