The construction of the industrial digital twin engineering-study integrated training room of Yongkang Hardware Technician College was completed

The digital economy has become a hot spot in global economic development, and many countries have proposed digital economy strategies.The integration of new technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and digital twins with various industries continues to deepen effectively promoting the development process of digitalization and intelligence in various industries and has a strong driving force for economic and social development.

The industrial digital twin training room is in line with the latest technological development trends such as Industry 4.0 and digital twins. It integrates advanced technologies such as “Internet +”, “intelligent sensors”, “information technology and network security”, and has characteristics in the field of intelligent manufacturing and advanced industrial robots. 

After the successful construction of the industrial digital twin engineering integration training room of Yongkang Hardware Technician College, it will be used for the research and development of digital products and on the other hand, it will meet the needs of mechatronics, industrial process automation, electrical automation technology, industrial robot technology, CNC technology, machinery manufacturing and Professional teaching needs such as automation and intelligent electromechanical technology. It will help cultivate scientific and technological talents for our country.

DLIR-275 industrial digital twin technology application platform

The DLIR-275 industrial digital twin application platform simulates a highly automated smart factory. It includes Industry 4.0 technology. Its intelligent production line includes production processes such as feeding, filling, sealing and warehousing. It is also equipped with a digital twin simulation workstation. Perform virtual debugging on subsequent production lines.

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