The 4th Provincial Vocational Skills Competition and the 2nd National Skills Competition Shanxi Trials were successfully held.

June 27, 2023, sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, the 7th National Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled and the 4th National Disabled Persons Demonstration Festival opened in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Zhao Hongyan emphasized that skills are the foundation of a strong country and the foundation of a career.
It is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the work of skilled talents in the new era,
In accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, vigorously implement the strategy of enriching the people with skills, continue to improve the policy system, create a practice platform for skilled talents, and improve the quality and effectiveness of training.
Create a social atmosphere in which labor is glorious, skills are precious, and greatness is created, and promote the construction of skill Shanxi to achieve new and greater progress.
It is hoped that through the competition, a group of “Sanjin craftsmen”, “skilled craftsmen” and “big country craftsmen” will be selected to encourage more workers to become talents with skills and serve the country with skills, so as to provide strong support for the high-quality development of Shanxi Province.

As a technical support unit, Dolang provided competition equipment and in-competition technical support for the industrial control competition, robot system integration competition, electrical installation competition, assembly fitter competition, piping and heating competition.

Industrial Control Competition

This competition is based on a typical smart factory project, combined with smart factory virtual simulation software, and adopts the design concept of one-to-many control mode.
Multiple virtual simulation scenarios are communicated and interconnected with industrial controllers through OPC UA, so that the virtual scenarios can be combined into a smart factory comprehensive application scenario, and the verification of the smart factory process production process can be realized;
And through the web mapping function of the industrial controller, the smart terminal can monitor the cloud of the virtual simulation smart factory. Investigate the craftsman spirit of the contestants in pursuit of perfection and excellence in the process of system design and debugging.

Robotic System Integration Competition

The robot system integration competition is a team competition.
It mainly examines the contestants’ ability to program and debug control equipment such as industrial robots, programmable controllers, and integrated vision, and the joint debugging ability of complex robot integration systems. It also takes into account the assessment of contestants’ informatization capabilities in industrial networks and data archiving and processing.
Fully test the players’ ability to analyze and process complex tasks, plan formulation and implementation, and demonstrate the players’ comprehensive professional quality and innovation level.

Electrical installation competition

During the competition, the contestants need to complete the three items of electrical installation, testing and KNX programming within the specified time. This is not only a test of the knowledge and skill level of the contestants, but also a consideration of their physical, psychological, endurance and other comprehensive qualities!

Assembly fitter competition

This competition is based on the actual needs of modern intelligent manufacturing and assembly fitter processing technology. The contestants need to complete the production of parts and the digital detection of the mechanical transmission system through manual processing and operation within the specified time in accordance with the given mechanism drawings and related technical requirements. , assembly and debugging, and then ensure the accurate, reliable and stable operation of the mechanical transmission mechanism. The core of the fitter’s work is “precision”. The contestants are determined to fight between the millimeters. What awaits them is not only the results of the competition, but also the persistence of ingenuity and the inheritance of spirit.

Plumbing and Heating Competition

The plumbing and heating competition module of this selection competition,
According to the technical requirements and the latest industry standards of the piping and heating competition of the World Skills Competition, combined with the actual work of the industry, the contestants must complete the production and installation of the gas system, hot and cold water system and heating system within the specified time.
It includes multiple processes such as bending, welding, threading, crimping, and installation, competing for both speed and quality.
It not only assesses the basic skills and professional operation of the players, but also emphasizes the standard precision and quality control of the operation process, and at the same time assesses the comprehensive professional ability of the players, aiming to play a demonstration and guiding role in the cultivation of skilled talents, leading and promoting the cultivation of skilled talents.

As a technical support company for the competition, Dolang supported five competitions at the same time in this selection competition, which fully reflects the trust and comprehensive strength recognition of Dolang by the competition organizing committee and the competition expert group members.
In the future, Dolang will, as always, focus on the overall situation of national vocational education development, actively connect with innovation-driven development strategies,
Armed with high-quality competition equipment platforms and the latest technology, cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents who meet the needs of the market, and provide a strong talent guarantee for industrial development.

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