Institute of Industry and Education-Services for TVET Education Equipment Training Lab Solutions

1. Background of the Institute

Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the professional vocational education and teaching equipment manufacturers in China. Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dolang”) was founded in 1998. It is a professional manufacturer that specializes in research and development, production, sales, and systematic overall solutions for vocational education and teaching equipment and software products. Research integrated national high-tech enterprise, dual-soft enterprise.

Since its establishment in 1998, the group adhered to the development concept of “‘industry + education’ dual-wheel drive”; using industry to nurture education, and use education to improve industrial technology. Dolang focus on industrial robot, intelligent manufacturing, Industrial Internet and Artificial Intelligent.

To develop the vocational education training equipment, Dolang built an Industry education institute, the main work of the Industry and education research institute is to research the most cutting-edge industrial technology, then apply it to our vocational technical training equipment. Industry improves education equipment, Education equipment service for industry products.

2. Dolang Research Results

1:”Triple system” school-enterprise cooperation framework

On the basis of the German dual system, Sino-German Dolang uses the positioning and resources of “schools, enterprises, and industries” to build a “ternary system” school-enterprise cooperation framework for vocational education.

Industry (cross-enterprise training platform: it is a new type of vocational education platform, a bridge between schools and enterprises, and a channel for talent training and employment.
Based on the Sino-German Dolang Institute of Industry, introduce market mechanism, independent legal person, meet the two-way needs of educating and employing people, serve domestic and foreign enterprises and schools, realize student skill strengthening, teacher training, staff training, certificate training, high-quality employment, industry-university-research cooperation and international cooperation.

Vocational school: It is the talent supplier and the main body responsible for talent training. It formulates a talent training plan according to the needs of the enterprise, is equipped with a cross-enterprise training platform, and exports students for counterpart employment to meet the needs of enterprises.

Production enterprises: are the talent demand side, the main body of talent standard formulation, put forward job requirements and ability requirements, entrust schools or cross-enterprise training platforms, organize student learning and employee training, participate in the talent training work of schools and cross-enterprise training platforms, and accept graduates for employment.

Talent training model based on Dolang creation

“Three Divisions and Three Abilities” Faculty Team
Strengthen the construction of teachers’ morality and style, cultivate teachers’ ideological and political quality, professional ethics level, professional teaching, practical training guidance, and information teaching ability, and have the comprehensive ability of “three teachers” of teachers, technicians, and engineers

2: “Three classrooms” blended teaching
According to the learning requirements and progress, carry out the “three classrooms” mixed teaching of school classrooms, corporate classrooms, and online classrooms, and use the teaching methods of expert lectures, practical teaching, and online learning in a cross-mixed manner, using the expert resources of schools and enterprises, schools The production reality and digital information conditions that can be achieved through enterprise cooperation, build a diversified, mixed, and full-process teaching method that integrates theory and practice, uses both software and hardware, and combines virtual and real, to give full play to the autonomy, enthusiasm, and creativity of teachers and students.

3:”Three products drive” teaching carrier

On the platform of the “three elements” of schools, enterprises, and industries, the Sino-German Dolang “Dolang Creation” production-education integration teaching solution uses the “three products” of works, products, and commodities as the teaching carrier.

4: “Three pages and six steps” loose-leaf textbook

The loose-leaf teaching material for the integration of documentary evidence takes the work process as a learning process, project guidance, and task guidance. Each task is carried out in accordance with the “six-step action model”.
3 pages are the task page, work page, knowledge page,
The work page has 6 steps: information, planning, decision-making, implementation, inspection, and evaluation. The complete action mode of the 6-step method is reflected in the teaching materials so that the actionability of the work process can be cultivated and strengthened.
Each task of the textbook is composed of a “task page, information page-planning page-decision-making page-implementation page-checking page-evaluation page, knowledge page”.

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