Automation control lab Built in Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)

The Automation control lab built in Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), under Ministry of Education Youth and Sport,Phnom Penh, Cambodia has been highly recognized by teachers and students from RUPP.

The Automation control lab including PLC training equipment, Power electronic training system,Building control training system, Modular production training system, Industrial robot visual training system and logistic training system with robotics.

DLIM -WL08 Logistics Management System


The logistics management system includes platform, industrial robot, storage unit, switchboard unit, code scanner unit, video surveillance unit, etc. Use bots to place orders from order via barcode or data entry. The point where products are organized after an order has been received. The robot follows a path to different pickup points to group goods. The robot will return to the main packing station until the order is completed according to the purchase order.

Device Workflow:

1) Place an order via barcode or data entry.
2) Warehousing or delivery according to the order.
3) Complete the in and out of the warehouse.

Function introduction

The input and output of materials in this system adopts a three-dimensional warehouse. Each position of the three- dimensional warehouse is equipped with a sensor, which can sense whether there is material in the position. Each position is equipped with an RFID chip, in which the RFID reader is installed on the industrial robot fixture, and the master control mutual interaction signals, so as to control the robot to pick and place the workpiece. to the corresponding position.

Training program

Installation and application of PLC programming software
Press and application of HMI touch screen programming software
Application of sensor detection technology
Industrial robot installation and debugging, programming and application;
Installation, debugging, programming and application of industrial robot fixtures;
Industrial robot offline simulation use
Application of bus communication technology
Application of Industrial Automation Network
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