2023 National Vocational College Skills Competition for Industrial Network Intelligent Control and Maintenance Competition Higher Vocational Group

The 2023 National Vocational College Skills Competition Higher Vocational Group “Industrial Network Intelligent Control and Maintenance Competition (Teacher Competition)” officially kicked off at Baotou Vocational and Technical College from August 14th to 17th. At same time, 76 student teams and 55 teacher teams from 92 higher vocational colleges in various provinces and cities across the country will compete fiercely. At present, through the unremitting efforts of Dolang engineers & technicians, the venue layout, equipment installation and commissioning of the competition are ready!

DLIOT-471 Industrial Automation Network Integration Training System

1. Equipment positioning

  1. Realize the interconnection and intercommunication of production and manufacturing equipment. The communication network connects field devices, controllers, HMI, monitoring systems and enterprise management systems. It is the information transmission channel in the industrial production system and plays an important role in the stability and reliability of the industrial production system. The common Ethernet technology used cannot guarantee The integrity of industrial Ethernet implementation is difficult to meet the reliability requirements of industrial-grade communication. Therefore, special training equipment is required
  2. Cultivate professional industrial Ethernet and industrial Internet engineers. Through specialized training equipment to meet the needs of industrial development .

2. Equipment overview

  1. The overall structure and functions of the Industrial Internet training room

The system is based on the Siemens four- network structure:

The first layer is “enterprise management” , which can also be intelligently managed through mobile terminals and server terminals.

The second layer is the ” operation level layer” , with MES as the main control system, real-time monitoring and operation of data through the host computer.

The third layer is the “control layer” , which is mainly composed of 1200PLC, 200SMART, H5UPLC, intelligent touch screen, etc. It is used for the analysis, calculation, processing and logic control functions of the bottom data, and realizes the upload and release of data;

The fourth layer is the “on-site layer” , which is mainly composed of remote station instruments, servos, frequency converters, sensors and other hardware, as well as 3D virtual workstations to simulate the production process of the production line.

Different levels are connected by network management switches with different functions, which have strong network protection functions!

The network structure topology of the industrial automation network training platform is shown in the following figure:

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