Sino-German Dolang were elected as executive director units of the National Robot Industry Industry-Education Integration Community

The founding conference of the National Robot Industry Industry-Education Integration Community was held in Shunde, Foshan in a combined online and offline format. The community is under the guidance of the Education and Examination Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education, and the Robot Committee of the College Graduate Employment Association, and is composed of KUKA Robot (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Tongji University, Shunde Vocational Led by the Institute of Technology, it is an innovative organization integrating industry and education with more than 100 member units including industry organizations, universities, vocational schools, scientific research institutions, upstream and downstream enterprises, etc. The pillars of China and Germany were invited to attend the establishment ceremony and were elected as the standing director units of the community.

Sino-German Dolang will rely on the national robot industry industry-education integration community, based on the “industry + education” two-wheel-driven international development strategy and the “Dongliang Creation” all-ecological industry-education integration talent training model, and actively build a “education-promoting industry, “Industry-assisted teaching, industry-education integration, industry-university cooperation” new ecology, jointly carry out talent training with more outstanding enterprises and universities, collaboratively carry out technical research, develop teaching resources and practical training equipment, cultivate good foundation, high quality, strong ability, with Applied talents with a sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability explore effective ways to form a deep development pattern of industry-education integration with positive interaction between industry and education and complementary advantages of schools and enterprises, and to realize the “trinity” integration innovation and virtuous cycle of education, technology and talents. Support the rapid and healthy development of the robot and intelligent equipment industry.

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