NBL-7200S Servo System Fully Automatic Flat Mask Machine Production Line

    Equipment installation and configuration requirements

    1. Equipment size: 4700mm*3300mm*2210mm (L*W*H);

    2.Equipment weight: ≤3000kg, ground load ≤500kg/m2;

    3.Working power supply: equipment single-phase three-wire 220V/50HZ (other voltagees should be specified in advance when ordering), rated power is about 8KW;

    4. Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa, the flow rate is about 300L/min;

    5. Operating environment: temperature 10-35°C, humidity 5-35%HR, no flammable and corrosive gases, no dust (cleanliness not less than 100,000 grades).

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