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DLDS-3512 Industrial Robot Skills Training System


Training Projects

(1) Production task of finger top press mounting based on robot automatic loading and unloading

(2) Digital keyboard automatic assembly task

(3) Automatic grinding task of workpiece

(4) Robot automatic gift packaging task

(5) Transfer and palletizing of various materials 

Assessable knowledge and skills

(1) Recognition and application of six axis robot

(2) Six axis industrial robot installation

(3) Four axis industrial machine installation and Application

(4) Four axis robot training and calibration

(5) Six axis robot training and calibration

(6) Cognition and application of AGV

(7) Assembly, inspection and transmission mechanism mechanical structure assembly and debugging

(8) The program of motion control for assembly testing transmission mechanism

(9) Mechanical structure assembly and debugging of visual inspection module

(10) Electrical debugging of visual inspection module

(11) Assembly, installation and commissioning of finished product warehouse

(12) Installation of cutting process simulation device

(13) Application of communication between robot and PLC

(14) Application of detection switch

(15) Application of multiple sensors

(16) Application of pneumatic components

(17) Application of PLC

(18) Application of visual human-computer interface

(19) Gas path and circuit construction

(20) Mechanical part assembly and disassembly

(21) System fault diagnosis and maintenance

Product Name: DLDS-3512 Industrial Robot Skills Training System
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