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Double side Hydraulic and Pneumatic PLC Integrated Transmission training system


Technical parameters

1. The input power: three-phase five line 50 HZ ~ 380 v + 10%;

2. Working conditions: temperature - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃ relative humidity ≤85%25℃

3. The device capacity:  ≤2.5KW

4. Groove interval: 25 mm

With crack slot castor: 4 pcs

Training projects

Hydraulic circuit building and Debugging training

1.Direction control circuit

a) manual shuttle valve reversing circuit

b) solenoid valve reversing circuit

2.Pressure control circuit

a)Single grade pressure regulating circuit

b) Secondary level pressure regulating

c) Single pressure reducing circuit

d) Secondary pressure reducing circuit

e) The unloading circuit using “M” type shuttle valves

f) The unloading circuit using shuttle valve

g) The pressure regulate circuit using the relief valve

h) Liquid control one-way valve pressure maintenance.

3.The speed regulator circuit

a) Inlet oil-way throttle speed regulation

b) Return oil-way throttle speed regulation

c) Side oil-way throttle speed regulation

d) Speed synchronous circuit of the speed control valve

e) Parallel circuits of the speed control valve

f) Series circuit of the speed control valve

4. Sequence motion circuit using sequence valve

5. Sequence action circuit controlled by the stroke switch 

6.Sequence action circuit controlled by pressure relay

7. One-way lock circuit using the hydraulic control one-way valve

8.Two-way lock circuit using the hydraulic control one-way valve

9Locking circuit using the O type manual shuttle valve

10Relay control hydraulic basic circuit

11The other circuit design by themselves

The building and debugging of the Pneumatic circuit

1. Basic pneumatic control loop experiment;

2. Single-acting cylinder automatic control;

3. Double-acting cylinder automatic control;

4.The application of the relay control technology;

5. Other integrated, scalable experiments and other types of pneumatic circuit.

Pneumatic basic experimental circuit experiments:

1) the shuttle circuit of the single-acting cylinder ;

2) the shuttle circuit of the double-acting cylinder;

3) the single-acting cylinder speed control circuit;

4) one-way speed control circuit of the double-acting cylinder

5) two-way speed control circuit of the double-acting cylinder

6) Speed changeover circuit

7) The buffer circuit;

8) Secondary pressure control loop;

9) High and low voltage conversion circuit;

10) Delay circuit;

11) Overload protection circuit;

12) Single cylinder single reciprocating control loop;

13) Single cylinder reciprocating motion loop,

14) Multi-cylinder sequential circuits;

15) Double cylinder synchronous motion circuit,

16) The application circuit of “Or” valve application

17) The application circuit of the “And” valve

18)The application circuit of Quick exhaust valve

19)The application circuit of the Magnetic Proximity Switch

20)The application of sensor in the control system

21)relay control circuit

PLC programming and debugging Training Project

1.PLC directive program, ladder program training

2.The leaning and application of PLC program software

3.The shuttle circuit through PLC control solenoid shuttle valve

Hydraulic and pneumatic Simulation Training Project

1. Hydraulic transmission introduction and work principle

2. Hydraulic system composition and function simulation

3. Operation and simulation of the hydraulic circuit

4. Design and Simulation of the hydraulic circuit

5. The Pneumatic Introduction and the simulation of work principle

6. Pneumatic composition and function simulation

7. Operation and simulation of the pneumatic circuits

Product Name: Double side Hydraulic and Pneumatic PLC Integrated Transmission training system
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