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Pre-sales service

"Dolang" can customized teaching equipment for all types of colleges and universities and training institutions to design lesson plans, experimental technology management methods; joint conduct experimental research; provide valuable advice for a variety of teaching and training in the construction, layout , programs and drawings.

The company has a special department  provides the overall design for the school engineering training center , electromechanical training base, electrical automation training center and other laboratory training room; experiment training room layout (provide three-dimensional renderings), labs wiring, training room pghting, training room according to the latest German teaching methods (teaching environment integration), to speciapzation, standardization, and international development.

Sales service

Strictly implement the industrial field production process environments, strict implement safety production standards, and strictly control product quapty, on-site installation, customer demand for the center to ensure that products meet customer using standard after installation.

After-sales service

Dolang not only supply service for you in the project period, you'll still be our partner after the end of the project period, we will always provide customers with timely locapzation services.

We provide you warranty free services and long term payment services.

Training services

We have kinds of training methods.

1)We supply you detailed manual books, video and demoting on pne training services.

2)We supply you training at site. We can send engineer to your place for training

3)You can send your people come to Dolang for training.

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