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Statement from Dolang

Jan. 14, 2022


We hereby statement:


We found that certain companies advertised and sold their equipment in the name of Dolang without our authorization, and tried to solicit business in Dolang name to deceive consumers. In order to avoid losses to the global consumers, We makes the following statement:


1. The Dolang brand is the core operating brand of Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. After years of development, the company has owned the independent intellectual property rights of the Dolang brand series of products, which have achieved widely popularity and reputation.


2. We does not authorize any company, website, or individual to publicize and sell their equipment in the name of Dolang. All commercial activities related to our company’s promotion and sales of equipment must be approved with stamped documents from Dolang to be valid, otherwise we will not bear any responsibility.


3. Dolang reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for illegal activities that counterfeit Dolang name to deceive and mislead consumers. All consumers are welcome to report these illegal behaviors.


4.  Report Hotline: 008613615315720, Report Email:

Statement from Dolang

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