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DLZL-GR01 Refrigeration Cycle Unit

DLZL-GR01 Refrigeration Cycle Unit


Technical parameter

Power supply: single-phase 220V + 10%, 50Hz, 16A;

The size of the test bench (mm): 1280 (long)x 700 (wide)x 1650 (high);

Test bench body: movable steel bench with four casters (two with brakes and two without brakes).

Training contents 

(1) Familiar with refrigeration cycle components;

(2) Familiar with basic refrigeration principle, understand the importance of throttling device in refrigeration system.

(3) Observing and touching the external pipeline to observe the state change of refrigerant. The pressure changes of refrigerant along the pipeline are read by pressure gauge, and the values of voltmeter and ammeter are checked.

(4) Digital temperature readings on fan coil units and condensed air outlet indicators;

(5) The influence of throttling device on refrigeration was studied.

Product Name: DLZL-GR01 Refrigeration Cycle Unit
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