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DLIM-DT01A Digital Twins Technology Application Platform

DLIM-DT01A Digital Twins Technology Application Platform


II. Platform features

1.Studious: the platform adopts virtual immersion teaching environment, and students have strong participation, so all students can get full training opportunities.

2.Good teaching: the teaching and training scenarios are diversified, and the platform standard matching scenes can be selected. Students can also build different industrial production scenarios according to the industrial automation material library provided by the software, and carry out layout, debugging and production line optimization.

3.Good test: when the number of physical platforms is not enough, the assessment can be carried out on the virtual simulation platform first, and then verified on the physical platform.

4.Economy: compared with the physical platform with the same scene, the cost of this platform is greatly reduced, which can effectively reduce the school procurement cost and daily consumables investment.

5.Safety: the platform teaching safety is good, first virtual and then real, can effectively protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

6.High efficiency: the efficiency of teaching, training and assessment can be increased about 6 times.

7.Combination of virtual and real: the platform adopts real PLC, touch screen, 3D virtual automatic warehouse and processing assembly line. Students can drive virtual production line through real PLC to realize the combination of virtual and real.

8.Venue: the platform covers an area of about 2 * 1m, which can meet the training needs of a large number of students in limited space.

III. Platform construction content and composition

The platform consists of hardware system and software system.

The hardware system is mainly composed of console, PLC, touch screen, button and other human-computer interaction equipment, which is used for interactive operation with virtual scene and equipment.

The software system is mainly composed of PLC programming software, configuration software, industrial robot off-line programming software and factory automation simulation software. It is mainly used for 3D scene construction, mechanical motion attribute creation, electrical component attribute setting and correlation, virtual debugging of production line and beat optimization.

By using virtual simulation, off-line programming and virtual reality combination technology, through programming and debugging, students can learn to master the basic operation, programming and communication of PLC, touch screen, industrial robot, AGV, laser marking machine, servo motor, stepping motor and other equipment.

At the same time, the 3D modeling of production equipment can also save the cost of school equipment procurement, reduce the equipment consumption in the teaching process, so as to carry out efficient teaching work.

training projects that can be completed include:

1) PLC programming and debugging

2) HMI configuration and debugging

3) Cognition and application of industrial robot teaching device

4) Off line programming and debugging of industrial robot

5) TCP / IP communication between PLC and six axis industrial robot

6) Communication between MES and PLC

7) Application of visual technology

8) Construction and layout of digital 3D model

9) Industrial network communication and debugging

10) Application of MES system

11) Mechatronics collaborative simulation: mechanical interference, mechanism kinematics verification, mechanism dynamics verification

12) Equipment automation joint virtual debugging: PLC program, HMI screen

Product Name: DLIM-DT01A Digital Twins Technology Application Platform
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