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Hard core interpretation of the key words of the 14th five year plan "apprenticeship with Chinese characteristics"

Jan. 13, 2021

The construction of high quality vocational education system is inseparable from the apprenticeship with Chinese characteristics. What is its core meaning? What are the experiences of the Pilot Universities and regions worth sharing? What are the future trends? Looking for a major, a school, an enterprise and a job, modern apprenticeship helps you become a happy "worker".

On January 9, "Vocational Education China" broadcast the second episode of "forging great country craftsmen to explore apprenticeship with Chinese characteristics", which is interpreted by authoritative voice.

1. Apprenticeship with Chinese characteristics to prepare for the deep development of human resources

The apprenticeship system with Chinese characteristics will be the basic preparation for the deep development of human resources for seizing and consolidating the commanding point of global talent competition, starting a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way and marching towards the second century goal.

2. The essence of modern apprenticeship training mode is to train practical technical talents

Three pairs of key words reveal the core content of modern apprenticeship system: first, the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation; second, the double subject of education, the double identity of apprentice; third, the alternation of work and study, the position of talent. The first pair of keywords outlines the framework of modern apprenticeship, the second pair describes the identity of students, and the third pair describes the process of training.

3. In the modern apprenticeship system, schools and enterprises jointly guide students to "learn by doing, learn by doing"

Modern apprenticeship is a new talent training mode with deep participation of schools, industries and enterprises. It is carried out in four aspects, namely, formulating a talent training plan, signing two school enterprise contracts, using three project funds, and solving four practical problems (enterprise recruitment and school enrollment, enterprise employment stability, employee income, employee self value realization and Entrepreneurship) )。

4. Modern apprenticeship pilot colleges should innovate the mode and actively promote the exploration and practice

The first is to explore the "double subject" cooperative education mechanism between school and enterprise; the second is to promote the integration of enrollment and recruitment; the third is to continuously improve the personnel training system and standards; the fourth is to establish a common teaching staff between school and enterprise; the fifth is to build the management system of modern apprenticeship reform, and explore the teaching operation management system and quality monitoring management system under the modern apprenticeship talent training mode.

5. The apprenticeship system with Chinese characteristics has made a breakthrough so far

In the process of exploring the talent training mode with school enterprise cooperation as the main form, China's higher vocational education has made breakthrough progress from the combination of work and study to the order training and then to the modern apprenticeship, which provides important human support for the industrial transformation and upgrading. Modern apprenticeship, as the latest form of talent training mode of Higher Vocational Education in China, has been given a new mission in the new era.