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DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch TrainerDLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch Trainer

DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch Trainer


■ Overview

● The whole system has aluminum panel, belt mechanism, robot transfer mechanism, hydraulic system and PLC signal transfer module.

● This system is a kind of training device that can simulate industrial site process environment to handling, transport materials materials. Use the various sensors to achieve to detect the position of the hydraulic cylinder and the materials.

■ Technical Parameter

● Total dimension: 480 x 310 x 305mm

● Input power: DC 24V

● Capacity: < 100VA

Equipment features

1) Good intuition: with open structure to short time from classroom to industrial site.

2) Flexible structure: modular structure to make the use and combination much flexible which can

meet various training requirement.

3) Strong systematicness: The equipment involves hydraulic components and sensors to simulate

various control method of industrial site.

4) Open structure and high extension: the customer can change the main equipment according to


5) Close to industrial site: The training contents involves industrial sites application.

6) Strong practical application: The student can build oil loop and electrical circuit.

Training content

1) Training on automatic detecting application

2) Training on automatic feeding control

3) Training on punch machining

4) Training on hydraulic application

5) Training on PLC application

6) Training on mechanical system installation and debugging

7) Training on system maintainence and trouble shooting

Product Name: DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch Trainer
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