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DLYY-DH202 Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training EquipmentDLYY-DH202 Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training EquipmentDLYY-DH202 Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training Equipment

DLYY-DH202 Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training Equipment


The Advanced Electro Hydraulic Trainer (Educational Training Equipment) configures the industry used the Rexroth series hydraulic valve, the greatest work pressure is 31.5 Mpa. Each hydraulic component equip with oil-way transition bottom board, can easily and casually be laid on the panel. Oil-way lap joints use the open-closed quick-change connector, dismantle and connect easily, not leak oil.

● Power: 1.1KW

● Rotating speed: 1420r/Min

● Voltage: 380V,50Hz/60Hz

● System flow: 4.5L/min

● Working pressure: ≤ 6Mpa

● Workbench

Workbench size: 1590 X 760 X 1650mm

Aluminum panel size: 1200 (L) X 600 (W)

■ Optional

● Teaching resources

● Hydraulic simulation software

● Lead frame

● Computer desk

● DLYY-FLS1 Hydraulic flip, stretching training object

● DLYY-CY1 Electro-hydraulic processing, stamping training object

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