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NBL-2700 High Speed N95 Mask Production LineNBL-2700 High Speed N95 Mask Production LineNBL-2700 High Speed N95 Mask Production Line

NBL-2700 High Speed N95 Mask Production Line


I.Company introduction

Nobel (Shandong) Technology Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2013, with registered capital of 11 million yuan. The business scope covers medical equipment, low-voltage power distribution equipment, software product research and development, production and sales.  Relying on its strong R & D strength, the company deeply cultivates medical device, Medical equipment include 7 series including in vitro diagnostic medical devices, fully automatic Newcastle disease detection system, fully automatic tumor cell rapid analysis and screening system, fully automatic mask production line and supporting detection systems.


II.Mask machine introduction

NBL-2700A High-speed fully automatic mask production line feeds the multi-layered non-woven fabric roll through the feeding mechanism, and then feeds through the bridge of the nose, mask texture welding, transfer, ear band feeding and welding, labeling, mask folding molding, mask folding welding, mask shape cutting till finalize mask molding material. The mask produced is comfortable to wear, no pressure, good filtering effect, fits for the face shape, and can be used for medical, electronics, construction and other industries.

The high-speed fully automatic N95 mask production line uses cylinder,  gear motor, Servo motor, reducer, ultrasonic welding system, well-known brand sensors and other key components, may complete automatic feeding nose bridge, automatic spot welding ear bands, automatic folding, automatic welding arc of the finished mask, automatic cutting of products, automatic removal of waste, automatic output of the finished mask.

NBL-2700A High-speed fully automatic mask production line 

The mask machine main bench adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and sturdy, and it is not easy to rust. It has photoelectric detection and automatic counting functions for production, easy to manage and control. All feeding systems have automatic abnormal alarm shutdown devices (such as: cloth, nose line, ear band), any lacking of materials will be automatically alarmed to stop the equipment operation, to avoid the waste mask production without nose line

III.Technical spec

Equipment size: 9700mm * 1500mm * 2000mm

Equipment capacity: 2100-2700 pieces / hour

Equipment yield: 99%

Machine power: about 15kW

Voltage: 220VAC 50 / 60Hz (please specify voltage requirements when ordering)

Machine pressure: 0.5-0.6MPa

IV. Features

1. High degree of automation of equipment can greatly reduce labor costs of production enterprises;

2. High stability and low fault rate;

3. PLC programming control, the key stations adopt servo driven, and the control accuracy is high;

4. Automatic counting can effectively control production efficiency and production progress;

5.Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure balanced raw material tension;

6, photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistake and reduce waste.


Product Name: NBL-2700 High Speed N95 Mask Production Line
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