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DLWD-DJQD01 Electrical Drive Training SystemDLWD-DJQD01 Electrical Drive Training System

DLWD-DJQD01 Electrical Drive Training System


DLWD-DJQD01 electrical drive training system is a reference to the German advanced vocational education concept to the work process-oriented to maintenance of electrician as the carrier, respectively, maintenance of electrical entry, commonly used electrical tools and instrumentation, indoor line installation, The basic control of the motor line installation and maintenance, in order to achieve the students on the maintenance of electrical workers a comprehensive understanding of the students to improve the practical ability.

Technical parameters

1, the input voltage three-phase five-wire system 380V ± 10% 50HZ

2, the working environment Ambient temperature range of -5 ~ 40 ℃

3, the device capacity exchange <1.5KVA

DC: Excitation power supply <1A

Armature power supply <2A

4, Dimensions Length × width × height = 1810x720x1620mm3

5, the total power control, with leakage protection function, when the leakage current up to 30mA, the protective device action

6, the grid voltage indication with 450V pointer AC voltmeter 3 only.

Maintenance electrician skills training content

Training 1 Fluorescent lamp control

Training 2 Single switch control

Training 3 Dual switch control

Training 4 Sound and light control delay switch control

Training 5 Multi-switch control

Training 6 Three - phase Asynchronous Motor Jogging Control Line

Training 7 Three - phase asynchronous motor contactor self - locking control circuit

Training 8 Three - phase asynchronous motor with overload protection contactor control circuit

Training 9 Installation of continuous and jogging positive forward control lines

Training 10 Contactor interlocking three - phase asynchronous motor positive and negative control circuit

Training 11 Button interlocking three - phase asynchronous motor positive and negative control circuit

Training 12 Button and contactor double interlocked three - phase asynchronous motor forward and reverse control circuit

Training 13 Workbench automatic round trip control line

Training 14 Sequential control of three - phase asynchronous motors

Training 15 Three - phase asynchronous motor control

Training 16 Stator winding series resistance step - down starting control circuit

Training 17 Y-△ start automatic control circuit

Training 18 Manual control compensator step-down start line

Training 19 Automatic control compensator step-down start line

Training 20 DC motor control experiment

Training 21 PLC Control Three - phase Asynchronous Motor Forward and Reverse Control

Training 22 PLC control three - phase asynchronous motor Y / △ start control

Training 23 PLC control stepper motor training

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