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DLCG-YL120 AC Servo Motor TrainerDLCG-YL120 AC Servo Motor Trainer

DLCG-YL120 AC Servo Motor Trainer


DLCG-YL120 AC servo motor training system”learn from the German advanced vocational education concept, to work process-oriented, motor control as the carrier, respectively,for AC servo entry, commonly used electrical tools and instrumentation, basic control of motor installation &maintenance and many others basic skills operation learning ,to achieve the students learning of the motor controland comprehensive understanding,can improve the studentspractical ability.

Input power: three-phase five-wire AC380V ± 10% 50Hz

Working environment: -10 ℃ - 45 ℃, relative humidity <90% RH (25 ℃), altitude <4000M

Device capacity: <1.5KVA

Output power: three-phase AC380V ± 10% 50Hz, single-phase AC220V ± 10% 50Hz  DC24V (2 way)

The grid voltage indication is equipped with 450V pointer AC voltmeter 3.

The overall length of the equipment: 2735mm, where:

Training platform length: length × width × height: 1700 × 700 × 1750mm

Ball screw small table: length × width × height: 1035 × 430 × 791mm

PLC (1214C DC / DC / DC) Parameters:

Input power: DC24V

Type: Thyristor output type

Training contents of AC servo motor training system

Training 1.Installation of software

Training 2.AC servo JOG operation(electrical parameter detection)

Training 3.Servo motor location control experiment

Training 4 Speed control experiment

Training 5.Servo wiring and parameter tuning training

Training 6.Sensor Cognitive experiment etc.


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